Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grandparent's Day Card and Anything Goes Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Welcome to the Anything Goes Blog Hop celebrating the one year Blog Birthiversary of our hostess Stephanie from Once Upon a Paper! You should have come here from Ali at Scrapping with Alicat.  If you didn't come from her - you can start over at the beginning of the hop at Once Upon a Paper. Stephanie is celebrating her Blog Birthiversary with Seven Days of Giveaways so make sure you check out her blog each day for the next week!

My creation for the Blog Hop is my very first Grandparent's Day card for my fiance's grandfather with is 91 years old! We never celebrated Grandparent's Day in my family, but my (almost) grandfather-in-law has been very sick for a few months and I know this card from me, my fiance, and his sister will put a smile on his face!

Materials needed for this project:
Card stock in blue, green, white, red, brown, yellow, orange, black, silver, and bright yellow.
Pebbles Inc. Metallic Chalk in silver
Pebbles Inc. Regular Chalk in various colors
Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors
Martha Stewart Bone Folder and Scoring Board
Inkjet Printer
GlueGlider Pro
Cricut Cartridges: Pop-Up Neighborhood (Inside tractor, card base, barn, and tree), Just Because Cards (sun), Jubilee (banner), Jasmine (rectangle for grass)

I wanted to make this card look a little like home for my grandfather-in-law since he is currently in a nursing home for the first time in his life. He owns a farm in rural Kansas so this scene seemed fitting.  I cut all the images on the front of the card and chalked all of their edges with normal Pebbles Inc. chalks.

I used Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors to cut the grass. I then glued down on all of the pieces except for the grass, which I used my GlueGlider Pro to attach.  After completing the front of the card - I used my bone folder and scoring board to score both the blue base and the inside white base and used my GlueGlider to attach them.

The inside was the tricky part - I have never made a pop-up card before, but decided to give it a go.  After cutting all of the pieces and chalking all of the edges (I used the metallic chalk on the middle of the tires) I glued together the tractor.

I wanted to show you what the tractor looks like cut out before you have folded anything or added anything to it.  Sorry that it is in a different color - I didn't think to add a picture of this stage until I was trying to explain the next few photos!

The tractor cuts in one length of a piece and you have to glue it together to make kind of a square with it.  Then you fold the edge pieces inward so it will close correctly.

I used my Cricut to cut the banner and then taped it to a piece of white paper and ran it through my Ink Jet printer to print my sentiment on it.  I used this process because I don't own a stamp that says "Happy Grandparent's Day!" and it seemed a little silly to buy one for 1 card.

The little flaps you see above just have to be folded in from the tractor length cut and have glue added to them.  You center them over the middle of the card and attach!

Also, I am excited to announce my very first Blog GIVEAWAY! I will be stuffing a USPS Flat Rate Box full of embellishments and other goodies!
The rules are:
1. You must be a follower of my blog.
2. You must leave a comment on THIS POST by next Thursday, September 8th at 5 PM.
3. If you add a post about this Blog Hop and my giveaway on your blog you can leave a second comment for another entry into the giveaway letting me know that!
4. When I post the winner next Thursday night you must respond to that post with your information by Sunday night or we will redraw!
I am going to use Random William (my fiance) instead of - mainly because it seems more fun.  I will put all the eligible numbers into a bowl and let him pick one then post a photo of him with the winning number!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your next stop is Amber at My 3 E Scrapbooking

In case you get lost along the way, here is the entire line up:
1. Stephanie at Once Upon a Paper
2. Kristy at Craftin' on my Door
6. Michele from Green Girl Scraps
8. Carla from OCD Scrapology <---- you are here now
9. Amber from My 3 E Scrapbooking
10. Cassie from Scrappin' Palace

Thanks for joining me on my very first Blog Hop! What did you think of the card?

I am also linking this card up to the Thankful Thursday Grandparent Challenge.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Glitter Clothespin Magnets

Hey all! Today I have a VERY simple craft that I made after seeing the idea on Pinterest (again, it's addicting - you should go try it and follow me!)

Materials needed for this project:
Scrapbook Paper (Mine is glittery)
ModPodge and small paint brush
Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
Spray Acrylic Sealer

Sorry I don't have photos of the process, but you start by tracing your clothespin onto the back of your paper and cutting out the rectangle.  Use the paintbrush to apply ModPodge onto the clothespin and attach the paper rectangle. 

Once it is dry - use a sealer (I mainly did this so the glitter wouldn't get anywhere) to seal the paper on.  Flip over your clothespins and add a dot of hot glue then place your magnet on top of it.  Press down on the magnet and make sure it is on well.

The finished product is not only a magnet, but it actually holds your papers in the clip too :) What do you think?

I also wanted to let you all know that I will be participating in my very first Blog Hop on September 1st.  You can find all the details on it from our host, Stephanie at Once Upon a Paper.  She is celebrating her Blog's First Birthday with this Blog Hop and is having a week's worth of giveaways!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Setting Up New Craft Room - LOVE letters

Hey all! Another room set up project - this one VERY easy.  I bought a magazine storage system from Michael's (they were having a buy 1 get 1 for a cent sale on the storage cubes I like)  and after getting it hung on the wall wanted to dress it up a little bit.  I found the letters I used at Hobby Lobby (about $2.50 a piece) they are light, but have large bases so they stand up on their own.

Items needed for this project:
Letters of your choice
Martha Stewart Pearl Paint (mine is purple)
Paint brush

I forgot to take any photos before or during the project, but here is the finished result! The letters look different colors because of the pearl paint - when the light hits the paint it looks very nice!  This is hanging on the wall that is behind me while I am working!

I will post more photos of my room as it comes along, hopefully it will be done by the end of next week.

What do you think?


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Setting Up New Craft Room - Window Valence

Hey all! This week I have been setting up and decorating my new craft room - I still have a long way to go, but it has been fun to get started! The first major project was decorating my window - I wanted to create a window valence to dress it up a little!

Items needed for this project:
Wood (Sizes depend on the size of your window, but mine is 6 inches tall)
Screws and screwdriver
Staple Gun
Way to hang it up!

I screwed three pieces of wood together - all pieces are 6" tall and 1/2" thick.  My fiance did this part :)

Here is another view of the boards screwed together!

After using the staple gun to attach the batting (mine has 4 layers of it) I used the staple gun to attach the fabric I chose.  I actually used the coordinating valance (pictured above) instead of buying a different fabric.

Here is what the window looked like before - so blah! (sorry I really need to steam the curtains!)

Here is what the window valence looks like when it is dark out (so there is no light coming through the window).

here is the window with some light coming through.  What do you think?


Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Been a While...

Hey all! It has been a while since I've posted - sorry about that! I have been on vacation for the last week, and right now I am separated from my Cricut machine.  I will have it back this weekend and will be setting up a new crafting space as well.  Be looking for new posts with projects and photos of my new space!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome Home Card

Hey all! Last week I made a really neat project and this card, but I wasn't able to post them until now because I don't want my fiance to see them!  This post is the Welcome Home card I made him after he spent the entire summer gone in China.  He will be home very very late Monday night and since he is now safely on a plane headed home I can post this!  I am so excited to pick him up from the airport and see him tonight - we have been apart since May 24th!!!

Materials needed for this project:
Cardstock in white, yellow, red, brown, black, green, pink, and blue.
Pre-made card base.
Black ink
"Welcome" Stamp.
Pop Up Sticker Squares and Glue.
Pebbles Inc. Chalks.
Fringe Scissors

Cricut Carts - Jasmine (all rectangles), Lacy Labels (HOME), Sweethearts (house and all associate cuts - including heart), and Indie Art (clouds).

A picture of how the card came together - his house doesn't look like this (and neither does mine) but I just thought the colors worked well together and his childhood home was Spanish style (and that is still his favorite style home) so it somewhat goes.  As usual - all of my cuts are chalked on the edges in a shade of their own color - I just love the way it makes a cut look!

This cute little house.  I used my Gypsy to hide certain elements so that I didn't waste paper, but I could cut from different colors (the heart is supposed to be yellow as well).  I used pop-up stickers to adhere the house.  I used my fringe scissors (which are a new toy) to make the grass on this card - I just wanted it to be somewhat realistic.  I then glued the bottom part that is not fringe cut (which you can't see) down to the card.

I thought the contrast here would work so I decided to try it! Instead of cutting "HOME" in the black paper - I cut it out of blue (the black is covering some green on the backside and I didn't want it to show).  I used glue to adhere it to the black rectangle and adhered that to the card with glue as well.

I bought the "welcome" stamp - which is actually from Michael's and comes in a set of baby stamps.  It really says "welcome little one" but I used daubers to only color the "welcome" part. The blue rectangle is adhered to the card with pop-up stickers and to the house part with glue - this way it lays flat with the house.

I cut these cute little clouds out and inked them gray instead of white.  I used pop-up stickers to adhere them. I really just wanted to fill up some of the empty space and make it look like a scene.  I glued the pink heart down.

From this angle you can see some of the pop-up stickers and how they give some great dimension to the card.  They are currently my addiction...

What do you think?


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Map Coaster Set

Hey all! I saw an idea similar to these on Pinterest (for real - check it out) and just had to make them for my fiance! He has some vintage maps in his living room, and I thought it would be cute to make coasters with map areas that are significant to us.

Materials needed for this project:
Maps from anywhere!
Bathroom Tiles (4x4 - 36 cents from Lowe's)
ModPodge in Matte, ModPodge Spray Acrylic, Fabric glue
Foam Brush
Brown felt
Cricut Carts - Cricut Classic Font (square).

First you need to cut out each of the map squares - I left a little edge of tile around because I liked it. Apply the ModPodge to the tiles with a foam brush and apply a map square to each.  Let the ModPodge underneath dry and then apply a layer over it.  Once it has all dried (in a few hours) spray the ModPodge Acrylic Sealer on (I did 2 coats) and let those dry completely.

Once the maps have all dried - flip them over and apply the brown felt to the back.  I just used scissors to cut 4x4 squares and applied them with fabric glue.  Let them dry completely and then get excited to use them!

Each of these coasters means something to us - Pacific Palisades is where my fiance grew up - it is just outside Los Angeles - and we took our engagement photos here.

Paris, France is where we got engaged last year - amazingly the little area outside Paris that we got engaged is actually on this map - Vaux le Vicomte!

Austin is where my fiance's parents live now and where we are hoping to settle down after out wedding - we spend quite a bit of time here!

Waco, Texas is where my fiance and I met - at Baylor University - so it means a lot to us!

I put a brown bow on the stack of them to give the set of coasters to him! What do you think?


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cupcake Birthday Card

Hey all! I made this card for the Birthday Sundaes Weekly Challenge - this week the challenge is part of their first ever Blog Hop as well!  The rules:
Our theme for this week's hop & challenge is "Cakes and Cupcakes Birthday Cards".
And of course you have to have a Birthday sentiment. 
I decided to go for a very simple design this week - I just wanted to make a simple and cute birthday card after last weeks shaped card!

Materials needed for this project:
Cardstock in pink, brown, tan, and blue.
Pre-made card base.
Patterned paper in 3 different patterns.
Pink and white twine.
Stamp Markers in blue and pink.
"Have a Great Birthday" Stamp.
Glue dots, Pop Up Sticker Squares, and Glue.
Pebbles Inc. Chalks.
Sparkle ModPodge and foam brush
Cricut Carts - Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More (Tag), Sweet Treats (Cupcake), Jasmine (Rectangles).

After making all of the cuts - I glued together the cupcake and while it was drying chalked the edges of both rectangles and the tag.  I used Glue Dots to adhere the rectangles to the card.  I then used a foam brush to coat the cupcake with the Sparkle ModPodge - mainly because it was a new purchase that I just wanted to play with!

I used Pop Up Square Stickers to apply the cupcake to the card after it dried.

I used the Stamp Markers (another new toy) to color the stamp in 2 different colors and then added a little pink and white twine to it.  I applied it to the card with Pop Up Square Stickers as well.

This card is super simple, but is one I may make more of - I will probably add another base color instead of putting everything on the cream card though.

What do you think?


Birds Anniversary Card

Today my parents are celebrating 31 years together and I made them this card to celebrate.  I saw the design on the Cricut message board and added my own touch to it.

Materials needed for this project:
Card stock in white, blue, and pink, brown, green, black, and any kind of off white or gray patterned
Pink Distressed Embossing Powder, Embossing ink, and Hot Embossing tool.
"Happy Anniversary" stamp.
Glue, Terrifically Tacky Tape - 1/8", and Glue Dots.
Pebbles Inc. Chalk - used gray, brown, blue, pink, yellow, and green.
Imaginisce i-rock tool and Hot rocks compact - Crystal.
Silver pen
Martha Stewart edge punch
Cricut Carts - Sweethearts (everything on the front), Lacy Labels (inside sentiment).

I cut the white borders and used the Martha Stewart edge punch on them - I chalked the edges and then distressed them before gluing them onto the card.

For this card I had to cut the same image in both blue and pink and cut the blue bird out and glue him to the rest of the pink one.  I chalked the edges of each cut and glued them together.  I used a silver pain to add a stitch border to the birds.  I then glued everything to the heart.

I added the twine to the button and used tack tape to adhere it.

I used the i rock tool to attach all of the stones and glue dots to add the heart to the card.

For the inside - I stamped the sentiment and put embossing powder on it and used my Heat embossing tool on it.  I chalked the edges and glued it on.

What do you think?