Monday, June 20, 2011

Shaped Birthday Card

This is a card I made for the Birthday Sundaes Weekly Challenge.  Here were the requirements for the challenge:
This week we would like to you create a shaped birthday card {no squares/rectangles allowed} and include birthday wording/sentiment on your card front.

The materials I used for this card:
Card stock in white, purple, blue, pink, gold and brown.
Embossing powder (clear) and Martha Stewart Embosser.
Glue and sticker pop-up sticker squares.
Ink in purple and Scrappy Moms Stamps in "Sweet Somethings"
Carts - Sweet Treats (ice cream cone) and Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More (tag).

I cut the base for the card (which is available on the cart) in both brown and white - the brown on the outside to give it stability and the white on the inside so I can write a message.

I cut the tag from Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More and then inked the edges and stamped the sentiment.  I used the Pop up Square Stickers to attach it for some depth.

It is hard to tell in these photos, but I embossed the pink and purple layers of the ice cream cone (the blue is already a little shiny so I left it).  Can you believe that both pinks are cut from the same paper - the embossing really changes the look!


Get Well Card made with my new Scrappy Moms Stamp Set

I decided to make this card last week to cheer up my fiance's 91 year-old grandfather who is in the hospital.  He means the world to me and I just want to put a little smile on his face.  I saw a similar card and tried to make my version of the card, but couldn't find the sentiment at any stores.  I attempted to make it on my own but it came out so horrible, I would NEVER put my name on it.  Then I found Scrappy Moms Stamps with the right sentiment so when my order came in today - this is what I made!

Materials needed for this project:
Card stock in white, blue, gray, black, and yellow.
Ink in blue, green, and gray.
Scrappy Moms Stamps in "Sweet Somethings"
Chalk in blue.
Embossing powder in yellow glitter and clear and embossing heat tool.
Glue and Square Pop Up Stickers.
Cricut Carts - April Showers (umbrella, rain boots), Paper Lace (background), Jasmine (solid blue background), Indie Art (cloud), and Lacy Labels (inside sentiment).

Here you can see that I inked the white background to look like the outside - I chose to ink the middle gray since it is supposed to be "raining".

I heat embossed the already yellow boots with yellow glitter and attached them to their black shadows with pop up squares.

I did the same thing for the umbrella, but I also used clear embossing powder on the umbrella handle.  

I inked the edges of the gray cloud and then stamped the sentiment in the same blue as the background.  I then used small square pop up stickers to attach the cloud to the background. 

I inked the cut out here and then stamped the sentiment and glued it inside the card.

Hope you like it!


This weekend's project - mass produced Thank You Card

So a few days ago I posted saying i wanted to do some kind of "mass produced" card project over the weekend.  I just got them finished today after needing to go to Michael's to get a few buttons which I didn't have with my "mobile scrapbooking" supplies here in ATX.  I saw a version of this project in the June/July 2011 issue of Cricut Magazine and decided it was a good one for mass production.

Items needed for this project:
Card stock in white, brown, red, and your 7 favorite patterns - I chose to use some that are a little more muted.
Bakers twine
Buttons Glue and Square Pop Up Stickers
Carts - Alphalicious ("thank you"), Paper Lace (all squares and circles - using blackout), and Cricut Classic Font (hearts)

For this project since it was a "mass production" I used 1 Gypsy file with only a few pages.  I cut a page that had all the circles and squares used from 3 different card stocks and I cut a page with "thank you" from 4 different card stocks.  I then divided the cuts evenly so each card has the same number of each color even though they do not all look the same.

I then chalked the edges of ALL of my cuts except the brown base and the heart.  I glued the letters to each square then attached all the squares with Pop Up Stickers for depth.  I used Tacky Tape to attach the button - which I put Baker's Twine through in a little different way for each card.

Card #1

Card #1 Detail

Card #2

Card #3

Card #3 Detail

Card #4

The following are a few of the letter details:


Received my Scrappy Moms Shipment!

Today I got my shipment from Scrappy Moms Stamps and was VERY excited to get to work.  Here are some pictures of everything I got!

The "Sweet Somethings" Stamp Set! - I purchased it for the "under the weather" & "right as rain" stamps, but have already used another!

I also got the acrylic block with lines (in pink!) to line the stamps up on!

She also sent me 10 yards of Yellow Baker's Twine and 10 yards of Pink Baker's Twine - 20 yards as a bonus! Thanks so much!

Everything I got from Scrappy Moms Stamps!

So I got this at Michael's today - I decided I wanted to have my go at embossing!


Friday, June 17, 2011

New Stamp has Shipped!

So this week I bought a new stamp set from Scrappy Moms Stamps which I am going to use to make a get-well card for my fiance's grandfather who is in the hospital.  I got the confirmation that it shipped this morning - can't wait to get this card made and posted early next week!

In the mean time - I think I will mass produce some birthday and thank you cards this weekend so I have them ready when needed!  Any suggestions?


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anniversary Card - will this week slow down?

So the last post for tonight - an anniversary card that I made for my future in-laws (their anniversary was Tuesday).  I saw a photo on the Cricut Message board of a similar card and used it as my inspiration for this one!

I had so many frustrations making this card - I bought some pre-made card/envelope sets at Michael's in different sizes so that I knew the envelopes would be sturdy and such.  Well - I made all these cuts for a size 6x9 card and it turns out all I had in that size was envelopes - after trips to 2 different Michael's and the local scrapbook shop - I just had to make my own base.  It turned into a 2 day ordeal, but thankfully the card turned out well!

The inside sentiment is "all you need is love"

The carts I used for this card:
Jasmine (rectangles and background)
Lacy Labels (background of people)
Sweethearts (people)
Tie the Knot (bow)

I still have one more card to make in the next week or so, but I'm waiting on a new stamp for it - I'll post when I'm done though!


Birthday Card - my Mom is Fabulous!

So it's been a busy week for me (not just this whole catching up on never having blogged either) besides making 2 fathers day cards for next Sunday, I also had 3 other cards to make! This is one of them.  My wonderful mom's birthday was Monday and I wanted to make her a card instead of buying one - I hope she liked it!

I am entering this card in the Birthday Sundaes Blog Challenge (Using wet or dry embossing) found here - I used dry embossing.

I bought the stamp for the inside of this card at Michael's and after getting it knew I had to use a crown on the front!  

This one is hard to read, but the sentiment is "Wishing you all this Fabulous!"

The carts I used for this project:
Lacy Labels (Inside sentiment)
Tags, Bags, Boxes and More (Happy Birthday is on this)
Sweet Treats (Crown)
Paper Lace (Background)


Fathers Day Card for my Future Father In Law

So this is my first year of having two people to call "dad" - it has been a little weird to get used to, but I really wanted to make Will's dad a father's day card to show that I'm working hard on being a part of their family!

I actually used this photo from the Cricut Circle Blog as my inspiration and "scrap lifted" it to a new card!

At Will's instruction I was to try to use John Deere green and yellow - since his dad grew up on a farm and his grandfather still lives on that same farm!  I bought a pack of masculine paper from Michael's the other day just hoping to find something in it to use for these father's day cards - the background is from it, but my favorite find was the denim patterned paper - it made the perfect pocket for the tools!  Here's the front of the card I made:  

And I carried the yellow and green to the inside with this sentiment:

The carts I used for this project:
Boys Will Be Boys (tools, gears)
Lacy Labels (stamps on here)
Cricut Classic Fonts & Jasmine (welded a triangle for CCF and Rectangle from Jasmine to get the pocket)


The last of the old projects...Engagement Card

I made this card in March when I found out my best friend was going to be getting engaged very soon! It was so hard not to send a picture to her (I send her photos of most of my work since she has a Cricut - she's my best supporter) but I knew I couldn't ruin the surprise! It is the first card that I am really proud of that I made - I love how it came out!

This was the first time that I used my Sew Easy - it was fun to use, but you can't punch through more than one piece of card stock - I learned the hard way!  I tried to make the little people to look similar to my bff and her new fiance.

I just couldn't resist the "bling" on the inside!

The carts I used for this project:
Sweethearts (almost everything!)
Lacy Labels (the inside background and the purple background on the front)

I gave her this card the day after she got engaged, and about 10 minutes before I asked her to be my bridesmaid! We are having a great time helping each other plan weddings and scrapping our hearts out!


The beginning of old projects...Cricut Class Project

I made this canvas during a Cricut online class - it doesn't look exactly like the one they designed, but it matches my living room wonderfully!


The beginning of old projects...Scrapbook Pages

I made these fairly soon after I got my Cricut - sometime in January.  I have since completed the whole scrapbook, but silly me forgot to take photos before I sent it off to it's rightful owner so I'm going to have to have her take photos of the other 13 pages!

Anyway - the first photo here is my very first layout with my machine!

This page I accidentally cut a GIGANTIC & sign, but used it anyways mad tried to make it the focal point of the page. 

Here I had my first run in with lots of layering while making the little people - it is very challenging at first, but I have since gotten the hang of it.

I just love the photo here - she wasn't happy to be on vacation at all!

I "scrap lifted" this page off of the Cricut website because I just had this one skiing photo to use - it worked out great!


The beginning of old projects...Alpha Delta Pi Card

I made this card when I got my great-grand little in Alpha Delta Pi in January - I just wanted to welcome her to Family Zero with a cute and ADPi themed card.  I used blue and white (our colors), the diamond (out symbol), and the lion head (our mascot).  I also used  a furry powder on this to make the white of the lion fuzzy - it was a blast to make and she has it hanging in her room now!

The beginning of old projects...Thank You Cards

I just wanted to put up a few of the old projects I have that never got posted. I want to do them one at a time though, so it will be a few posts long.  These 2 Thank You cards are the very first things I made with my Cricut Machine! I made them right after Christmas for my future in-laws!

My Cricut skills sure have come along way in 6 months!

Weekly Challenge - Fathers Day Card

I made this card for the Cricut Circle Weekly Challenge and for my dad - who loves hunting, fishing, and being outdoors.  He is a little bit country and I thought it went well with his personality. I like that it came out masculine - so often scrapbooking becomes completely feminine.  I'm just getting into the challenge blogs - which I think are going to help me get more projects done! So this one is being entered into to Whimsical Wednesday's Happy Father's Day Challenge.  You can find their blog here.

The carts I used are:
Lacys Labels (what each stamp is on)
Jasmine (background)
Just Because Cards (boots)