Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome Home Card

Hey all! Last week I made a really neat project and this card, but I wasn't able to post them until now because I don't want my fiance to see them!  This post is the Welcome Home card I made him after he spent the entire summer gone in China.  He will be home very very late Monday night and since he is now safely on a plane headed home I can post this!  I am so excited to pick him up from the airport and see him tonight - we have been apart since May 24th!!!

Materials needed for this project:
Cardstock in white, yellow, red, brown, black, green, pink, and blue.
Pre-made card base.
Black ink
"Welcome" Stamp.
Pop Up Sticker Squares and Glue.
Pebbles Inc. Chalks.
Fringe Scissors

Cricut Carts - Jasmine (all rectangles), Lacy Labels (HOME), Sweethearts (house and all associate cuts - including heart), and Indie Art (clouds).

A picture of how the card came together - his house doesn't look like this (and neither does mine) but I just thought the colors worked well together and his childhood home was Spanish style (and that is still his favorite style home) so it somewhat goes.  As usual - all of my cuts are chalked on the edges in a shade of their own color - I just love the way it makes a cut look!

This cute little house.  I used my Gypsy to hide certain elements so that I didn't waste paper, but I could cut from different colors (the heart is supposed to be yellow as well).  I used pop-up stickers to adhere the house.  I used my fringe scissors (which are a new toy) to make the grass on this card - I just wanted it to be somewhat realistic.  I then glued the bottom part that is not fringe cut (which you can't see) down to the card.

I thought the contrast here would work so I decided to try it! Instead of cutting "HOME" in the black paper - I cut it out of blue (the black is covering some green on the backside and I didn't want it to show).  I used glue to adhere it to the black rectangle and adhered that to the card with glue as well.

I bought the "welcome" stamp - which is actually from Michael's and comes in a set of baby stamps.  It really says "welcome little one" but I used daubers to only color the "welcome" part. The blue rectangle is adhered to the card with pop-up stickers and to the house part with glue - this way it lays flat with the house.

I cut these cute little clouds out and inked them gray instead of white.  I used pop-up stickers to adhere them. I really just wanted to fill up some of the empty space and make it look like a scene.  I glued the pink heart down.

From this angle you can see some of the pop-up stickers and how they give some great dimension to the card.  They are currently my addiction...

What do you think?


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  1. I love your welcome home card, very cute. I really like the textured paper your used. Speaking of paper, check out my blog, I made a tutorial about how to make that paper that I used for the frosting on the cupcake card. Let me know what you think. Honestly! your bloggy friend, Dawn