Friday, July 29, 2011

Custom Coasters

This week I had a friend come down for a few days and instead of hitting the pool, we hit the crafting room! After some intense crafting time (and 3 different craft stores) we made quite a few projects - here is my favorite!  Mallory saw this idea on Pinterest (seriously if you haven't checked it out - its a little addicting, but do it) and we had to give it a go.  We got the supplies and Mallory made another coaster set that is the same basic idea, but with scrapbook paper tops instead of the decorations on these ones.

Materials needed for this project:
Vinyl in Dark Brown and Transfer Tape
Fleur de Lis stencil
StazOn ink in Timber Brown and ink dauber
Bathroom Tiles (our are 4"x4" and cost 36 cents at Lowe's)
Felt in dark brown
Fabric Adhesive
Spray Varnish/Sealer
Cricut Carts - Songbird (M).

Two of the coasters - there are 4 total (2 of each design).  We bought the bathroom tiles (at Lowe's) and did not do anything but wash them off before we got started.

The stencil Fleur de Lis was easy enough - we just put the stencil down and used an ink dauber to apply StazOn ink in Timber Brown - it is important that you use an ink that will not rub off.  After letting it set - we used spray varnish to seal it.  We applied a felt square to the back of each coaster so that they are not hard on your tables.

The monogrammed coaster was just as easy! We used Dark Brown vinyl and cut just a capital "M" from Songbird and used transfer tape to apply it.  We again used spray varnish and added the felt square to the back with fabric adhesive.

We also had a little helper for this project - my dog Louis!

This project was really pretty easy, we knocked it out very quickly and they can be made in any way - love the idea of custom coasters year around!! Let me know if you have any questions!  What do you think?


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  1. These are just gorgeous! Great job, they would make wonderful Christmas gifts!