Monday, June 20, 2011

This weekend's project - mass produced Thank You Card

So a few days ago I posted saying i wanted to do some kind of "mass produced" card project over the weekend.  I just got them finished today after needing to go to Michael's to get a few buttons which I didn't have with my "mobile scrapbooking" supplies here in ATX.  I saw a version of this project in the June/July 2011 issue of Cricut Magazine and decided it was a good one for mass production.

Items needed for this project:
Card stock in white, brown, red, and your 7 favorite patterns - I chose to use some that are a little more muted.
Bakers twine
Buttons Glue and Square Pop Up Stickers
Carts - Alphalicious ("thank you"), Paper Lace (all squares and circles - using blackout), and Cricut Classic Font (hearts)

For this project since it was a "mass production" I used 1 Gypsy file with only a few pages.  I cut a page that had all the circles and squares used from 3 different card stocks and I cut a page with "thank you" from 4 different card stocks.  I then divided the cuts evenly so each card has the same number of each color even though they do not all look the same.

I then chalked the edges of ALL of my cuts except the brown base and the heart.  I glued the letters to each square then attached all the squares with Pop Up Stickers for depth.  I used Tacky Tape to attach the button - which I put Baker's Twine through in a little different way for each card.

Card #1

Card #1 Detail

Card #2

Card #3

Card #3 Detail

Card #4

The following are a few of the letter details:


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