Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The beginning of old projects...Scrapbook Pages

I made these fairly soon after I got my Cricut - sometime in January.  I have since completed the whole scrapbook, but silly me forgot to take photos before I sent it off to it's rightful owner so I'm going to have to have her take photos of the other 13 pages!

Anyway - the first photo here is my very first layout with my machine!

This page I accidentally cut a GIGANTIC & sign, but used it anyways mad tried to make it the focal point of the page. 

Here I had my first run in with lots of layering while making the little people - it is very challenging at first, but I have since gotten the hang of it.

I just love the photo here - she wasn't happy to be on vacation at all!

I "scrap lifted" this page off of the Cricut website because I just had this one skiing photo to use - it worked out great!


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